Marcionism (Adam, Simron, Andrew, Sequioa)

Marcion, the founder of Marcionism, grew up wealthy and his father was a bishop, which makes since why he knows so much about the Jewish Bible. However he was exiled from the church by his father because of heresy. Marcion believed that there was two Gods (the God of the Jews who was wrathful and unforgiving and the God of Jesus who was merciful and forgiving). Marcion also believed the Jesus was a phantom because he did not have a body, thus he was non-material and could not have come into the material world. In fact, the God of the Jews predicted the coming of a messiah and said that it was Jesus, Marcion does not deny that there would be a messiah, bu he does not believe that it is Jesus. Marcion rejected the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and John because he believed that they did not get it right when Jesus came to teach the Gospel. To Marcion, Paul, despite not being a disciple of Jesus, was the only one who understood the message from Jesus, which is the reason why Marcion used Paul’s letters and the Gospel of Luke, but edited out the parts that were Jewish.