Docetism (Selmira, Adam, Ivana)

According to Docetism Christology there are two different views: a) Jesus only seemed to be human–he was a phantom, and b) Jesus the human being existed before and the divine spirit of Christ entered him and left him before death.  For many this christology made sense because the proto-orthodox view did not make sense for someone to be fully human and fully divine.  This view explains why Jesus is able to perform miracles and feel no pain.  The proto-orthodox critiques include his bodily functions (blood, sweat, eating, drinking) and why they would be included in other Gospels as Jesus being fully divine and human.  The major problem with docetism is that it renders Jesus as unimportant.  His life on earth had no significance because he already existed prior to his death and continues to exist after his death.  This leads us into the beliefs of the Gnostics.  The Gnostics believe in the importance of Jesus’ revelation of the truth about the material world and realm of heaven.