Return to the Church

In the name of the Father his Son and the Holy Ghost, I send my greetings from the Council of Nicaea. It has been a hard and long fought battle with the Alexandrian faction, but I believe you will be happy to know the outcomes of Council and our plan for a united church. As your Metropolitan Bishop, but more importantly the Bishop of Caesarea I have worked to get the Church to follow the words of God and scripture of God I think you will be happy with the pathways we have paved for the church.

Major decisions have been passed by emperor Constantine, and a growing group of followers who have shown strong allegiance in Alexandrian Christology. The council of Nicaea was a council with a predetermined agenda which Arius, Eusebius of Nicomedia, and myself tirelessly worked to mediate the aggression and achieve unity as the prosed agenda was.

We have initiated a new creed for the Christian empire, which I will bring with me, that will keep our believes aligned with the church and allow our church to continue to grow. The discussion of the canons was settled on many issues which I will bring with me as well, but we were victorious in acquiring our position as a Metropolitan bishop strength, we have made a decision for rebaptism to all lapsed Christians, and the position of women will stay the same. With the new creed that all have signed beside Arius, I believe the church will be united more than ever.

May God be with all of us,

Bishop Eusebius