Constantine — Reflections

To the Empire:

The greatest Christian bishops have been hard at work in the past few weeks. As the regions within the Empire have been so disjointed in regards to the matters of Christianity these past few decades, the Christians, pagans, and Jews alike have become confused concerning different particulars of Christianity. The religion teaches of the same Savior, the same One God, and yet so many other things are in conflict. As the pagans tried to understand lines of authority, moral codes, and even our Christian holidays, all they could see from area to area, church to church was people living in different ways.

When I converted, my great vision of God told me to conquer in the symbol of Christ’s cross. I did, and as I have learned of Christianity and it’s moral standards, I have come to learn that it is a good way to live, and that God’s wrath is just as real as His love. He will be merciful to those that have sinned and those that join His church, but He will not look favorably on small conflicts of little importance among His followers. It was in order to avoid the wrath of God and to help those looking to convert throughout the Empire that this council was held.

Dear people, I am happy to report that it was a success. With the exception of one person, a creed was signed and many canons were established. From hence forward, we will have one unified Christian set of beliefs. I admonish all of the Christians out there, no matter your previous beliefs, to adopt what we have currently decided on. I admonish all pagans to look at this religion and see in it the power of God. You will not be otherwise saved from sin.

Go forward, great people, and heed the words of your bishops.

Emperor Constantine