To the Brothers of Carthage

To My Dear Brothers of Carthage,

The Council has come to an end and I am grateful to have been part of the many discussions that took place. We opened the council with the discussion of the Creed. I am pleased to announce the Creed that was passed eliminated Arian heresy. Arius and his followers, of whom are left, have been excommunicated from the church and one unified religion is now the standard. It was a long battle to eliminate such language originally placed in the Creed, but after reconsideration amongst other Bishops, there is a solid Alexandrian presence.

The issue regarding Metropolitan Bishops did not turn out in our favor. I aligned myself with Mellitus and Arius, two unlikely allies. They both stressed equality among bishops and I believed Arius’ many followers would align themselves with his belief, therefore gaining more allies. However, Metropolitan bishops still exist and there is now a new tier of higher Bishops. There Bishop of Jerusalem has taken power back from Palestine and is the reigning bishop alongside the Bishop of Rome. I still do not agree with this and was disappointed with the outcome. I feared it may create disconnect within the church and the level of hierarchy would ruin the unity we strived for. Nonetheless, the Metropolitan Bishops stand and we will adhere to this Cannon in good faith.

The Lapsed Christians WILL be allowed back in the church after they have been re-baptized. It is not the overall outcome we strove for, however it does allow the lapsed back into the church with very little penance. It will be a fresh start for those who renounced their faith to come back into the church. In regards to women in the church; woman will not hold power in the church. This belief was almost passed unanimously and I aligned myself with my fellow Alexandrian’s and Augustin.

The last, and one of the most important issues concerning the date of celebration of the resurrection of Jesus will occur on the Sunday after the 14th day after the first new moon after the Spring Equinox. This will co-align Christianity and Judaism, but will also distinguish Christianity and the resurrection of Jesus as separate from the dates of passover. The astronomers in Alexandria are one of the best and will be sure to put out an official date every year that aligns with this Cannon.

I return home pleased with the overall outcome of the council. I am excited to begin the journey of a unified religion under a unified Empire. I suggest to my  Brothers that you feel the same.

May God be With You,