Theclea, liberated, to the members of the council and men of God,

I am exceedingly grateful that our holy church did not excommunicate me and that our most honorable emperor did not see fit to exile me for my deception among you most esteemed men of God. That being said, I feel like I have let my bishop down and wasted my days spent at this council. To those who heard what I had to say I am very grateful for you, but I wasn’t able to bring enough of you to the understanding that our church is divided in many more ways than just this Arian/Alexandrian schism. As it stands, I voted yay for the creedal statement we created because I don’t particularly care about the language of the creed as long as there is one united understanding. I would have liked to have been able to keep the creed gender neutral and reference God not as The Father, but I recognized no true allies in this fight and knew it was mostly a lost cause at this point.

The rest of the council was spent voting on cannons. I am saddened by the way the cannon on bishops went. Rather than dissolving metropolitan Bishop’s power in order to return us all to an equality under God, we added a new level of power, a new thing that further divides us and removes us from the spirituality of Christianity. I am most disappointed in the way the cannon on women went. As you all know, this was a huge blow to my fellow women in Christ. I knew asking for women to “have power over men” would not go over well, but I believe that as long as a person holds spiritual gifts and are called by God to minister nothing, especially the church, should stand in the way of that. In this council I feel like I might have been “too greedy” in asking for women to be able to be some level of bishop. I might have been able to get a cannon passed that allowed women to have a rightful place in worship. Other than that it was very liberating to reveal my true self and intentions to this council, I never meant to deceive you, only to have my voice heard and potentially help unify the future of Christianity. Thank you for all your considerations these past few days.