Council Day 5- Caecilianus

I am disappointed and frustrated again about the creedal statement that was passed on Thursday. I stand strongly by my beliefs that the Son is co-eternal with the Father and I will not accept a creed that does not state that as such. Another concern of mine is that Arian language is used widely throughout the creed. The use of the word “alone” inhibits the Alexandrian belief and widely discredits the creed. I did not sign the creed and hope that there will be one last chance for revision. The Arians will not agree with the use of such language, however I beg the Emperor to let us vote on a creed the way we vote on the cannons. There will be more unity in a voting system like that, rather than one where compromising beliefs derails ones faith.

As for the cannon on the lapsed Christians and Clergy, I was disappointed that they must do penance before entering the church, however I will accept this light request of them because punishment would not be appropriate. I felt as though this compromise will work in the church’s favor to create a new start after the council.

I was not pleased with the cannon regarding Metropolitan Bishops. I do not believe there should be hierarchy in the church when this council so desperately tried to eliminate disunity. Hierarchy creates power struggles between bishops which threatens unity. It was evident in the council when Bishop Marcarius overthrew Eusebius of Caserea as the official Metropolitan Bishop of Jerusalem, instead of Palestine. This disunity and fight within the church is what we should work to avoid, not contain.

The cannon regarding women in the church was accepted widely in the council. I agree that woman have no place in the church and it was with great pleasure that the cannon was passed almost unanimously. Woman have no place to hold authority over men in the church and I would not condone anything less than what was passed.

Overall, I feel the council has operated in the best way for the faith, however I do hope the Emperor reads my post to consider the revision of the creedal statement. It is evident that still so many of us do not agree and that is by no means unity.