Constantine Council Day 5

The faster council proceedings resulted in a less unanimous vote. While I dislike this because, you know, unity, I understand that it was a necessity. When it comes to ordeals such as Thecla’s I cannot do anything but shake my head and allow the vote to happen, knowing a battle for unity will be futile. I am happy we were able to cover so much ground and to catch up where we were behind. Now that these cannons are passed it should become much easier to find common goals and purpose within the church. This commonality will allow for more of the pagans and the Jews to find reasons to join Christianity, and they will do so. One of my greatest goals for the Empire is the spread of Christianity. It is important to the the Empire comes to understand the almighty God. As they do so, His wrath will lessen and the Empire will not be at such risk to face His anger. Since we are able to decide on the plan in which women and do not hold clerical positions, and where there is greater political structure within the church with metropolitan and primary bishops, the spread of Christianity should quicken.

I am glad that the discussion of the Creed is mostly over. It was far too trivial a matter, a matter that belong in the journals of men and not in the discussions of congregations, to have spent so much time and so much energy on it. As the creed has its final vote in council day 6, I hope each bishop will plan to stay in the church and thus a sign the creed to further the work and the spread of a unified Christianity.