Council Day 5 – Athanasius

I found our council meeting to be both productive and unsuccessful. I cannot support a creed that blatantly denies and misconstrues the nature of God and the Son. God is true, but saying the “only true God” is separating the Father, also referenced as God, as a separate entity. I also cannot support the us of the word “alone” in reference to God, Christ shares the qualities listed in the description of God, it again creates a separate entity when God and Christ are the same and are one. I also cannot support a creed that does not reference Christ’s “co-eternal” existence with God, He was begotten, but eternally begotten. I could not, and refuse to sign this creed because of the vague language in the section about Christ and the omitting of key and essential elements of each of the members of the trinity. The views I hold are the views a majority of Christians hold, to preach any other is to promote disunity. Only death can destroy views, and I wouldn’t recommend that.

As for the cannons we passed, I am quite pleased. The council decided upon no punishment for lapsed clergy. I am quite pleased that we see Christ’s message of forgiveness. Even though I am not happy that the lapsed have to wait to reenter the Church and be rebaptized, at least there is not an additional waiting period for clergy.

I am also quite pleased with the passing of the cannon not allowing women to be ordained. It is quite practical for the Church to forbid their ordination as the entire empire puts women in a lesser position than men. If women were to be in the clergy, they would alienate Gentile converts and make it impossible for us to spread Christ’s message to the empire, and thus blocking us from uniting the empire in Christianity.

The cannon passed regarding the metropolitan bishops was a success. Local bishops need to be monitored to ensure that what we agree upon here at this council is taught, and nothing else, otherwise this council is all for naught. I am also pleased to see Bishop Marcarius bring the correct honor and leadership to Palestine with his jurisdiction over Jerusalem, where Christ was crucified and rose again, a place with such history should be honored and respected. I understand the argument of uniting the church by making everyone equal, but that would not work. In order for any organization to work, be it an empire or a church, there needs to be an authoritative figure to resolve conflicts, without such figure, we would return to needless bickering about correct beliefs. The metropolitan bishop would do what is best for our religion and enforce the teachings of what a majority believes.