Arius’ Airings // Council Day 5

I agreed to sign the creedal statement brought up at beginning of the last Council session. This creed had no explicit, Alexandrian-type language, so I was very pleased. Although I would have liked to see some explicit, Arian-type language. I did manage to get “begotten” included, which is surely a word we all agreed on. The only minor issue I had with the final creed statement was the phrase “true God from true God.” But I was willing to sign it either way because we needed to achieve unity and also I feel this phrase can be interpreted to align with my beliefs. “True God from true God” is just like saying “light from light.” Jesus was a light in this world, he was divine like God. He was given the same divine powers as God to heal and perform miracles. If one understands “true God” as meaning divine and powerful, then this can be interpreted to be Arian language, but also Alexandrian language. The phrasing does not necessarily explicitly suggest that Jesus is the only true God or that they are one in the same. Therefore, I can agree to this with a twisting of the interpretation.

Unfortunately my position on the canon regarding the power of metropolitan bishops was not passed. I feel as if my position on this canon was not given ample time or attention as the majority seemed to approve of Metropolitan bishops having more power than local at the initial vote. However, given more of an opportunity to express my opinions, I am sure I could have convinced some bishops otherwise. I believe that Metropolitan and local bishops should have equal power as this will create unity and not leave anyone trampled or left behind. I want my people to have a safe place to live, but with Metropolitan bishops holding power, they will surely not listen to the concerns of my people nor respect their beliefs. I am sorry to report this, my church, but I have the opportunity to defend my position on the celebration date of Easter and will fight my hardest to have my position upheld.