Council Day 4 – Athanasius

I am pleased that we were able to pass the creedal statement regarding the Holy Spirit effectively and efficiently. I would like to remove the line that states ” Father truly Father, and the Son truly Son, and the Holy Ghost truly the Holy Ghost.” “Truly” separates the three aspects of God into different levels and is not representing God as one truly¬†whole God. Otherwise, I am pleased that the Arians created a solid foundation to this creedal statement, it was a good effort. I would also like to praise the inclusion of our belief in “one Catholic Church of God,” this emphasizes how we are united as a church, no matter what, and will not leave and turn our backs on this church because it is the Church of God.

I am disheartened by our cannon concerning the lapsed Christians. It is Christ’s message of forgiveness that we should listen to and not listen to our human instincts to judge others who are different from ourselves. We do not know the personal circumstances in which someone lapsed and instead of judge them, to which we have no authority, we should offer them kindness and compassion and allow them a speedy return to the church. It is now a part of the church that lapsed Christians must be re-baptized before reentry to the church. I am not fond of this cannon, but must accept it for I would rather accept re-baptism to some other form of punishment. I want to see the Church continue to grow in the Roman Empire under Constantine and to unite the empire in Christianity. A speedy entry into the Church and clergy positions will allow this growth and expansion we all wish to obtain.