Constantine on Day 4

I am pleased with the outcome of this council session. It was much slower than we needed, and therefore only was partially successful. Yet, the outcome of the council was positive.

First and foremost, I am glad that there was unanimous consensus reached on the matter of both the Holy Spirit and the Lapsed Christians. As everyone is hopefully aware by now, this unity is the purpose of the council and, especially after day three, it was good that both sides were happy and that Christianity now has a stronger foundation. If this sort of compromise can continue in the sessions to come, especially with the faster more concise arguments, then I have no doubt that the people will have no problems voting on everything as a whole as correct at the end of the Council.

The second, more personal reason that I am happy with the outcome is what the result will be for the Empire. The more Christians we have, the stronger the message will be and the greater the spread of Christianity will be. If there is the invitation back and the consequence of the lapsed is something as simple and whole as rebaptism, more Christians will be able to join the faith. This will increase the power of Christianity within the Empire, thus pleasing God and convincing more of the pagans to leave their wicked ways and acknowledge God. Conversion in numbers is just as important as conversion in heart, because that is what will add strength and substance to the church.


The group needs to continue its hard work. I expect similar success in the council sessions to come.