Council Day 4- Cannon on the Lapsed Christians (Caecilianus)

I am disappointed that the Christians will not be allowed back into the church without penance and my stance was overruled by only one vote. However, penance instead of punishment is a much more acceptable request of those entering the church. Re-baptism may be good for the lapsed to let them embrace their faith from a fresh start. It is important to remember that Jesus died on the cross for our salvation and we recognize that in the creed. We must embrace this part of our theology and let those who sinned against the church be forgiven. I am happy those that re-join the church will be graciously accepted. I do understand why proof of the lapsed Christians faith was requested, though. Those who turned against their faith to escape persecution did sin and reject us. I feel re-baptism will let them wipe their slate and we can all join the church with a fresh start, after this council. We did not discuss if this is a regulation for those that are new members of the church, but I believe we should make them follow the same rules. This will involve a waiting period, until their baptism, before they can become part of the church or clergy. I hope we can keep this regulation equal for all members. If this is the case, we will spread unity and Christianity throughout the Empire. Those new to our faith should be able to join with time, after re-baptism.

I was pleased by Tuesday’s council because I felt both sides got to be heard and voting did not have to be a compromise, it only had to be majority. This made it easier and less frustrating than trying to all agree upon one issue. I wish the creed was voted on like this because it would be easier to move on from. We should use the cannon as an example. Those who did not get their way did not leave the church and I do not believe anyone has the right to threaten that or use that as an advantage point. The discussion Tuesday did not result in my favor, but I still want to be part of our religion and work to find the best form of Christianity there may be. I hope Arius reconsiders his statement because I feel it is an unfair threat to be thrown out into the council. Majority rules in the cannons and majority should rule in the creed.