Theclus – Council day 3 – Obstinancy

Theclus to the unrelenting members of the council and men of God,

I am surprised at this council. When the Emperor say to do something those who live in the Empire, and even those who don’t would never disobey lightly. I urged the council for three long days about my hopes and views for the future of this church, I pleaded, I tried to make alliances and deals. I voted yes to a creed that called God the Father. I think I have made it very clear how much I value the idea of keeping God and the people of God whole. I have yet to talk about anything else. Nevertheless when it came down to the crucial moment I was able to give up my own personal desires and think to the betterment of this most holy church. I am surprised and affronted that this council would rather see our church torn apart, have Arius leave the flock of Christ, and destroy the unity of our most ascendant emperor’s land than to understand their views and who agrees with them. My brothers, you never know when you are beat, raise the white flag and let us move on to other matters that you can grip in your jaws to never let go.