Constantine on Day 3

Suddenly I can see the alliances that have formed in this game. I am glad that the bishops are meeting and discussing the issues at hand. I am not happy that is has resulted in the ostracizing of three or four people. I am not happy that these alliances have created stronger bonds from the bishops to the other bishops rather than the bishops to God or the bishops to the empire. It shows that the bishops are much more focused on earthly rewards than anything else. How despicable…

I hold no theological authority. I realize this. However I do hold ALL of the political authority. While the content of the creed is theological, the creed itself is political. We are holding this council because these theological issues are creating political problems. We are creating this creed to prevent further political schisms from happening over such small and minute theological differences. With this creed, the bishops must go forward and hold true to what it says. They must stop fighting over the issue once this creed has been decided. And, they must deal with whatever differences might be present.

Obviously Arius and Alexander have opposing objectives. Alexander will not accept a creed without the term “uncreated” or something like it, and Arius will not accept a creed with such a word in it — he will even leave this church and create another, furthering the dis-unification. We cannot have Arius leave. So either we need a creed that includes the Arian phrasing (which would not be passed), or we need to have a creed that is neutral on the issue, we can expect Alexander not to pass it, and the other bishops need to separate themselves from him and make their own decisions.

I am angry that the alliances have become so strong that now the other bishops are like puppets to Alexander. You have no obligation to continue this preventing unity with the inclusion of one or two words in the creed. The church will not change much whether these words are included or not. You have every political obligation (and an obligation as those that fight for the preservation of Christianity) to get over the small details (like Alexander is puppeteering you to do) and seek the authority of the Emperor and God first.

I need day four to be smooth sailing as we discuss the nature of the Son on other forums and prepare to vote later. Be kind, my dear brothers in God. Be kind to each other. Be kind to your enemies and those that have different opinions.

And, make your alliances less obvious. The set up of the room was just fine with equal people on either side. Keep things equal. This is not one of my military battles, it is a civil discussion. We do not need a visual representation of what side you are on. I suppose the execution of this will be determined by whomever actually reads my note… This will indeed be telling.

God be with us all…

Emperor Constantine