Council Day 3- The Son (Caecillianus)

In reflection on our discussion on Thursday, I feel disappointed not only within the brotherhood, but myself as well. The beginning of the discussion provided insightful thoughts about the Son and continued to do so until we reached the phrases “Co-eternal” and “of similar substance”. My belief, as I am and Alexandrian, stands with the idea that Jesus is co-eternal with the Father. That is not to say that I will not compromise, but is just a stated belief to which I adhere to. I understand that stating why the Alexandrian’s believe in what we do, through factual evidence, is a waste of time and irrelevant. Constantine already knows the position the Alexandrian’s hold and it wasted valuable debate time. I am disappointed that I took the lead to attempt to explain our beliefs instead of try to work to provide compromise within them. I take full responsibly and know now that we are here because the beliefs of Christianity cannot be placed upon those who do not want to acknowledge it.

I am frustrated because I feel as though by us compromising on certain beliefs we are both losing key beliefs in our faith. Just because it is stated in the Creed, does not mean it will suede Arius to believe that Jesus is “co-eternal” with the Father nor will it suede Alexander to fully believe Jesus is of similar substance with God. I am worried that we will still be divided within our church, but now with one statement in what new members should believe. In striving for unity and purity, I believe we should all be in agreement on the same issues. We should not just agree on sentences in the creed.

With the Creed we have as of now, I feel it may be too vague to compromise on, only because it is missing key statements to not only Alexandrian beliefs, but Arians as well. I propose “co-equal” with the Father on Alexandrian’s beliefs and “of substance with the Father” for the Arian’s beliefs. I will state this on my blog post under the creed, but I feel it would give both factions what they are looking for and can be interpreted as each faction would like.

This being said, I stated my concerns and hope they will be taken into consideration. But, I am willing to compromise with the Arians and am looking forward to our discussion on the Creed through the blog.