Arius’ Airings // Council Day 3

Unfortunately we were not able to agree upon a Creed in our latest Council session. But all is not lost, for I have been made Bishop. This has been a long time coming. My mother will be so proud. However, I have not forgotten about my mission for this Creed. I will not back down to the Alexandrians as they push to get their phrasing into the Creed. Including the words “true God from true God,” “uncreated,” “unborn,” or “eternal” simply will not pass. Both sides here agree on the word “begotten.” I vote that we just leave it at that. I honor Constantine as emperor and will heed the words he says as he reminds us of the true, simple gospel. The Emperor is right in saying that the true power of Christ is found in the Cross. Let us cling to what we know to be good and true and forgo our differences. We need not make this Creed so explicit as the Alexandrians beg for. I am happy leaving the Creed as open as necessary in order to come to a consensus. If this consensus does not come, as I have warned, I will leave the Church. I will go off and form the one true Church, leaving this heretical one behind. I pray that the Alexandrians will become cognizant of the consequences, the disappointment of Constantine, which will come if my followers and I leave. May we be mindful of Constantine’s wishes as we proceed in agreeing upon a Creed. Let us go forth with confidence in the Cross, the Life and Resurrection, rather than the minute details of Jesus’ being. Although I am deeply convicted of my theology, I am willingly to omit the specifics from the Creed for the sake of unity in the Church.