Council Session Two: Let us make the creed all of ours

It was hard to be pleased with the progress we made today, because we did not make any progress. Unlike day one, day two was filled with personal agendas and the Alexandrians made it their job to refute every thing the Arians presented and even went back o change what was agreed upon before. We presented our creed first and even with that information in their possession they went and created a creed that disagreed with everything we presented. We have agreed that the Father Almighty is true and Alone and the Son was begotten from the Father. We agree on so much and we must use this ground to define the Son the right way.

The Alexandrian’s proposed creed was a good start. I agreed with how we defined the Son, some being; “One Lord Jesus Christ”, “The Word of God”, and “Through whom all things are made”. These are great and valid points, but we sometimes get carried away and want to write that he is, “co-internal with God”, “who was not made” and “who was with God from the begging of time”. These statements are unacceptable and go against our belief of God the Father, who is the maker of all things, visible and invisible. The Son and The Father cannot be equal, because the are not from the same substance, but they may however be made from a similar substance. While the Son is a divine creature of God, bestowing the same degree of greatness as God himself would mean to diminish the Almighty power of God, which we will not do. It is often problematic when one group in any one situation wants only their voice to be heard. If we are gathered here today to reunite under one belief, then we must do so by compromising and seeing each other’s point of view. I know we are fully capable of doing so, because we have done it before. My brothers in the kingdom of God, let us work together to create a creed we can all call ours.