Council Day 2- The Nature of Jesus

During the last session, I decided to bring up an important part about God and the title “the Father.” When we refer to God we call Him the Father and I thought this would be extremely important to incorporate into the creed especially  when moved into discussing the Son. God is not only the Father; He is much more. The Father is a part of Him, just like the Son and Holy Spirit are. There is still some work needed to be done about the nature of God portion, including the world “alone;” it may limit and suggest separation of God from Jesus. However, we must focus currently on the nature of Jesus because this is the fundamental problem in the Arian Controversy.

Jesus is clearly co-eternal and co-equal to God and the creed that is being put forth should express that. I am please with the combined creed we started to create towards the end of the council day. However, in order to have unity in the Church, we must have unity within our God, and this includes making Him co-equal to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The human mind cannot comprehend the logic of a 3 in 1 being without diminishing divinity; however, we are not meant to understand this but have faith in the belief.

Lastly, I know during this council unity was scarce, and each fraction was trying to convince the others of their beliefs. However, unity is not in numbers of believers but in the strength of faith those believers have to the Church. There are fundamental differences in the Arian and Alexandrian beliefs that cannot be solved by the rearrangement of words, and if a creed that vaguely states the nature of God is used to describe two beliefs, we are ultimately not unifying the church but hurting it even more! The creed must come out strong and not able to be misinterpreted. Numbers of followers may be at stake, but the faith in the Church will be stronger than ever and it is this faith that will promote unity.