Blindsided: A story of “the Father”

Theclus to the members of the council and men of God,

I am shocked and blindsided with the way this purportedly honorable council went on the 22nd of March. The previous council had gone so soundly, we had all unanimously agreed upon the nature of our God and moved on, unifying the church in our wake. Then I come to the council chambers unprepared for a fight and find that some of my thought to be allies no longer cared about what I find important to a unified church: a unified God. It may be thought that having father be a characteristic of God rather than a title lessens the division of Them, but it only makes the division less obvious and more insidious. I truly feel strongly about the union of all Christendom under a united God. I feel like this mistake could be an incredible problem for the fate of Christ’s people in the future, otherwise I would not have been the first and only dissenting vote so far in the council. The last time that I addressed you my brothers I praised you for your ability to find a common ground that kept the church of God and the person of God whole, but now I find myself deceived by your collective disregard.

In regards to the rest of the council I have little recollection. This is partially because I was still reeling from the decisive blow dealt to me by my fellow council members and partially because I don’t care about the outcome of the nature of God as long as we can heal the current rift within the Christian community. I could potentially be persuaded to care about one side or another if you my friends could be persuaded to care about a united God and a united people of God. Those council members who read this, consider this an invitation to reach out personally to me in order to talk about what we want our future to look like, and what we are willing to do in order to make that future to come to fruition.