Day 2 of the Council

Day two of the council seemed to go nowhere for a while until the last few minutes. The two factions were not willing to give up on their differences, each focused on the differences until Ossius suggested we focus on the similarities. The similarities were great! It showed a sort of sameness of the two factions – a step closer to unification. I agree with all that was written down that day because it shows the true value of what Jesus is. The two factions that disagreed with each other so much that there had to be a council to rectify the problem, came and proposed similar things about Jesus. After we did that, the council went by easy however there still was not enough time to finish discussing the nature of Jesus. However, I fear that when it comes to this topic, the discussion will go nowhere. It will all depend on votes now. As a Bishop, I do care for what the nature of Jesus is however, in this context I feel that it is more important to focus on unifying the church rather than proving who is right or wrong. I feel that if it continues this way neither faction will budge. It all depends on the voting now.