Arius’ Airings // Council Day 2

Coming off the previous Council session, I find myself rather bothered by the increasing quarreling that is arising. I know that Alexander and I hold much different beliefs and that is essentially why this Council must gather. However, I, along with Constantine and many other bishops here, want peace. The last thing I want to see is these discussions prolong and the dissentions grow deeper. I do believe that Alexander is preaching a lie. I also believe that Alexander thinks of me as a liar as well. It could not be clearer that the two of us have our differences. Neither of us is willing to compromise, especially on this issue of the relationship of the Father and Son. But I will strive to reach a middle ground in this Council.

I am pleased with the Creed discussed this far. It is now, however, that we are reaching the most heated debate regarding the Son. I felt that the last discussion was unproductive. I just wish that the bishops present would open their hearts to my arguments regarding Jesus. If only those that are undecided would disregard all their preconceived notions and truly hear me out for the sake of eternity with our God, perhaps we could make better progress. On the other hand, I found it truly refreshing to see that both Alexander and my Creed shared quite a few similarities. This gives me hope that we can achieve something satisfactory. At the very least, I propose a Creed that is open to interpretation. I will fight for Alexander’s claims to not be made specific in the Creed, for the sake of unity in the Church, peace with God, and eternity in Heaven. I hope that the following days prove more successful for the both of us in deciding our differences and making progress towards unity.