The Emperor’s Thoughts: Day 1

As the council has hitherto commenced, I worry that this will be a long and arduous process, hopefully not in vain. My personal beliefs, while they exist, are not relevant in this discussion. As I watched the two sides discuss with each other, I came to believe that something was missing from the comprehensive understanding of the argument, if not their own personal preparation. While I need unity – this is not a matter of debate – I realize that if every person simply side steps the others argument and brings up another, less controversial point, then the issues that have previously caused so much dissension will not be resolved. They must, with the goal of coming to a conclusion acceptable to the majority, actually discuss the issues that matter. I will not express my own opinions on the matter at this time – they hold little theological authority – but I will begin to ask questions so that I may better understand the argument at hand. If I do not, this council will resolve, everyone will pretend to be happy, and then they will return to their cities and towns and begin quarreling again about the interpretation and understanding of the creed. I do not expect there to be unanimous agreement in the group, and only need the majority to agree with the statement. To have that unanimity worries me that the people have temporarily discounted their greater issues within the Christian church. I imagine that the discussion on The Son will result in more emotion from both parties.