Nicaea Creed:God- Day 1

After the opening council discussion, regarding the nature of God, I feel as though the Alexandrians beliefs are well represented in the creed. I agree with most statements in the creed and believe we came to a promising compromise that gives hope for more to come in tomorrow’s discussion of Jesus. I strongly co-align with statement, “We acknowledge One God, who is over all and in all and through all”. In this statement we argue and come to the conclusion that there is only one God who is the umbrella. He reigns over all, he is in all, meaning He is in Jesus, and is through all. I also strongly agree with the statement that there is only one true God. By incorporating this into our creed we acknowledge that there is only one God who is all-powerful and indivisible. This further accentuates the idea of monotheism that is one of the core beliefs in Christianity and further signifies unity.

I am skeptical however of the many adjectives we use to describe our God. We state that he is the Judge and Governor that precedes our recognition that he is also the God of Law. Here we state, that he rules over all twice which is repetitive and may lead to some confusion on the play of words. Instead, I would have liked to write that he is just the God of Prophets and the New Testament. This being said, I understood that a compromise had to be made in order to move along our discussion to dive into more concerning matters.

Lastly, I am disappointed that we do not mention God as “the Father” because I feel it limits our word choice and may lead to confusion as to whom God is. The Alexandrian’s believe that God is the umbrella and he is fully the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. I feel as though a revision may be necessary in the future.

I am pleased with how the first issue was debated in the council and am ready to see what tomorrows discussion will bring.