Creed of God Passes Unanimously

Our council had a very productive discourse over the matter at hand. It was good for our people and the unity of the church to witness this and be a part of it. We had an open dialogue which opened doors for a much needed dialogue and agreement on the matter. The roles of the Alexandrian party and Arius set a tone of comprise early on and Alexander of Alexandria bought connecting ideas to unite us all under one belief of God. As a council I believe we came together to do what a council does, and that is to congregate and agree on the things that matter and the things that unite us. Now that was have established the creed on God, swiftly and collectively, I have hope we can continue to do this.

The creed we came together to write with everyone is good, but it does not look like the way it started nor did it have everyone every little belief in it. The change that it took shows we as a council and mainly the bishops like myself see the value of unity in our church. It also does not have everyone’s belief or way of naming God in it. We were a chosen first by God and then the people to make sure that we represent and describe God in the true way, so that others like the pagans who are lost can finally find him. There were many instances to disagree and discontinue with the dialogue, but doing such acts would not have been productive or progressive. We have come to this council to discuss and agree on the true way of God and we are closer to achieving than we started. The creed as it states “We believe in One – true God, the Maker of all things visible and invisible”. I believe Arius did the council a great service by bringing forth a creed proposal that was true, precise, and valid. I believe in the future if we follow this proposal of faith, validity and unity we will unite the church. The creed of God was unanimously agreed on, and as a council I think we can do the same for the creed on Christ.   – Eusebius of Caesarea