The Maker

Theclus to the members of the esteemed council and beloved men of God,

I am pleased with the way the council went on the 17th of March. It seems that you my brothers in Christ understand the need to keep the church of God and the person of God whole. The fact that you understood and accepted my plea for the unity of the God person in calling them the Maker fills me with hope for our future church.

The only thing that I was surprised about was how accepting the Alexandrians were to the ideas of only one true god and having God alone being omnipotent with all the other characteristics we know God to have. Whilst this does convey the monotheism and greatness of our religion and our God it also skews the future conversation. Coming to the council with a creed already formulated opened the door for the Arians to have an easier time arguing their ideas of Jesus because the Alexandrians have already unknowingly acquiesced. This failure of the Alexandrians to fight for their beliefs is fine with me as long as everyone can come to a unified decision about Jesus tomorrow. The fact that the decision about God was unanimous is very promising for my hopes that you my brothers will unite this church in God and all things.