Creed Day 1–God the Father

The opening day of Council was fair on both parties accounts. The Arians, who brought along a version of their proposed Creed, had repeated the word “alone” throughout their version of the Creed, something with which the Alexandrians did not agree. The Alexandrians proposed that the repetition of the word “alone” would complicate the Creed. Though I tend to side more with the Arians in thinking that God should be as fully represented in the Creed as is possible by human language, I can accept the final version of that section of the Creed which compromised nicely between the two sides. I especially like the inclusion of the statement that God is “over all and in all and through all,” as that seems to remind me that God is the unifying factor over all this Council and the brothers who should attend.

The thing that I found the most encouraging was not actually the theology or the words of the Creed itself, but the fact that it was created by two distinct groups, and some odd others as myself, with very different beliefs in other ways but that seem to converge on agreement when it comes to God the Father, the Creator. It seems to me that with two such separate groups, much disparity could have come about, but it did not. The Council was able to agree on a united statement about the identity of God the Father, and I am sure Constantine will approve of such unity as I do myself.