Paradox of Gnostic Beliefs

The Secret Book Of John reveled the re-interpretation of the Book of Genisis through the creation story and the story of the fall. The book states how Yaldaboth is tricked into giving up Sophia’s power by explaining to the true god the mistake she made, in creating Yaldaboth. Sophia repented and she and the true god corrected her mistake when the sent the Five Lights to embody the archons. There, the archons told Yaldaboth to blow the power of Sophia into humans, that was the divine spark. Yaldaboth blew the spirit of Sophia into Adam to create humans with light and the divine spark. This is different from Genesis because God made Adam out of clay and blew his spirit into him.

It is also opposite from the Genesis because the tree of knowledge is planted by the good god. Yaldaboah tells Adam not to eat from the tree of knowledge, but the true god provokes him to eat from it. By defying Yaldaboah and gaining knowledge, he is being saved by the true god. This is literally the opposite of the story of Genesis where Adam was forbidden to eat from the tree and the devil provokes him. The roles are reversed.

Treatise on The Resurrection debates if humans will be spiritually or physically resurrected. Gnostics rejected the call to martyrdom because they did not believe that Jesus suffered when he died, therefore they do not believe they should suffer.