Unknowable Gnostics

The Gnostics believe that the world was formed from an inferior god that is evil because he has strayed from the One. There is a higher, more powerful and true God that is above this inferior one. The Gnostics believe in the One that has multiple emanations or aeons that come from the One unknowable god. The true knowledge that the Gnostics have is that the material world is evil and there is a higher power apart from the inferior God of the Jews that wants to save them. Jesus Christ was sent by the higher One to save the people from the evil material world. The Gnostics therefore reject the body, they do not want to satisfy their earthly desires because they are designed by the evil god. Gnostics have a deep inner knowledge that they do not belong in this world, a sort of spark in them that tells them they have the true knowledge. Many of the texts thought to be used and written by the Gnostics were found in the Nag Hammadi Library discovered in the 1940s.