Did you feel the spark?

Alyssa Ross, Caitlin Livesey, Tawny Anderson

Holy complicated.

One, True, Unknowable God —-> by the fact of his existence, other Gods are created out of parts of Him.

One of these parts is Wisdom, called SOPHIA! —-> Sophia’s bastard son Yadabaoath steals her power and creates his own world. This is our world and he is the Jewish God.

Unknowable God needs to get Sophia’s power back, so he tricks Yadabaoath into giving the power to different humans.

Therefore some of the humans have within them, this special spark of Sophia. It cannot be freed until they activate this knowledge. CHRIST is the means through which people gain this  knowledge, and because of this He was essential in allowing the corrupt world to be left behind. When people with the spark accept Him, they will want to do everything they can to leave the corrupt world and free the spark inside of them, giving Sophia part of her power back. Once her power is back, the world can be left behind. If you have the spark and don’t activate, you are reincarnated indefinitely until you gain knowledge through Christ.

Gnostics leave behind worldly things (sex, alcohol, human relationships) because they want to only shun the corrupt world of the Jewish God, and allow themselves to gain enough knowledge to make Sophia more complete.

If you believe in Christ but don’t have a spark, you will be sent to a paradise afterlife.

If you don’t learn about Christ, you will just die, no other experience.


Gnost. drawing