vibrancy in other words…..

The water calmly moves as the wind whispers through the leaves and the trees. The sky provides a blanket of grey over the busy lake full of excited geese and other mischievous birds as they search for something coming out of the water. The trees bring a colorful melancholy face to the outside world. The sunshine has taken the day to rest as the beams of light refuse to shine through, but that doesn’t stop the little green and yellow bushes to shine as bright as if the sun made a glorious appearance. While many of the vibrant colors of the trees and the sky are much more subtle today, the vibrancy of the life that lives outside substitutes the lack of colorful life. I find myself in a sense of ease and calm as I look out onto the busy lake and the silent trees. I find hope in watching the birds as they swiftly soar from the high tree over the lake. As I sit and marvel at this picture I can’t help but think of a lyric that goes something like this…”winds in the east, mist comin in. Like somethin is brewin and bout to begin. Can’t put me finger on what lies in store, but I feel what’s to happen all happened before.”image