image2 (8)The chapel is dim. I recall saying this was calming earlier in these journals. It now feels bleak and stagnant. The soft glow of color on the stone below it is faintly trying to brighten the room – to no avail. The dark  wood behind the altar seems to absorb all light (not literally) rather than reflecting any back into the room. The color on the pipes of the organ are still there. They pretty much always are, I just never really bring them up.

image1 (9)The space is remarkably balanced. Down to the length of the shadows coming off the speakers. Even the light hitting the top of the pews, which is skewed slightly because I sit off-center, is much more even.

I don’t see any remarkable change in my journaling. I write less because I’ve said nearly everything already. The space has been darker my last few visits that it was at the outset but more due to rain and cloud cover than change in position of the sun.

Well. Guess that’s it. ✌️