Angelic Glow

imageMost of the sky is a very pale blue. The sun is extremely low in the sky and pale yellow light can be seen in the distance between Keller and South Court. The sky transitions from pale blue to off white to that pale yellow, the brightest part of the sky. I am guessing the sunset is taking place over in that direction.

The trees look very flat because no sunlight is visually molding them. I see no shadows around the trees, on the lawn, or on the brick pathway.

My eye keeps being drawn to the pale yellow glow in the distance. Beyond the trees, this very calming, serene yellow light frames the roofs of South Court and North court. It looks like some sort of “angel” light or “God” light surrounding the buildings making them pop out against the mostly blue sky.

I feel at ease. Calm. Pensive. Though it is getting dark outside, the blue and yellow sky still breathes with light even if that light is not reaching the earth. image