“A Whole Blue Worlddddd!”


There is a very strange blue quality outside today. Large clouds are obscuring any sort of direct sunlight. The sky is a complex mixture of pale blue with areas of extremely pale yellow. Then there are large, dark, grayish blue clouds obscuring the sun. I think it is this blue sky and bluish clouds that are creating this very cold, blue atmosphere. But it is not unsettling or uncomfortable. When I say “cold” I mean in terms of temperature or season as opposed to a harsh, scary “cold” environment. It is cool and pleasant. If it is possible, this blue environment, created by this afternoon’s light, makes it look like winter is coming.

The blue clouds have moved drastically and more pale yellow light has spread across the sky, brightening up the trees and lawn I am looking at ever so slightly. However, that crisp, cool environment is still present.

I feel very serene, at peace. I love the winter/holiday season, and this lighting for me is hinting at that season’s coming. The blue clouds are not the ominous blue of a coming storm but a gray, blue that I associate with calmness.