Guess who forgot about Daylight Savings?!?! Me!

LObv 11.11a

Looking into the Modlin Courtyard from a bench outside of Jepson Theater 1:00

It’s bright in the courtyard today. Sunny. Most of the courtyard is in shadow because that shadow of the roof (that I’d been keeping track of) is almost to the other side of the courtyard (the right). I’m realizing now that it’s so far because of daylight savings, which I didn’t notice last time because it was cloudy and I couldn’t see the line anyways. So now the shadow is where it would have been an hour after my previous observations. I don’t know where the line was at noon today, but I bet you the line has still been moving as I was observing before (but there’s no way to know how much). Now, at least, the shadow has almost consumed the whole courtyard. The line of the shadow is fuzzy, though. It’s not as defined as the roof shadow in front of me (or running parallel to me) is, which is odd.

The light is bright white light in the lit area, and duller white in the shaded area. The shadows in the shadowy part (as in the shadows of the benches, tables, and columns in the shadowed area) are foggy and just a tone darker than the normal shaded area. The shadows in the lit area are completely defined.

The shaded area is starting to seem just a tinge bluer than everything else. You can see it in the glare from the benches and the tables and the shingles and the stone ground. It’s just a little blue.

The roof shadow has moved a little bit since I’ve been sitting here. It’s only been ten minutes, but now it’s maybe two feet away from the columns on the left whereas before it was maybe three feet away.

The light is reflecting off the window/doors and creating a glare or bounce off light unto the ground opposite, making a glassy shimmery light (especially when someone opens one of the doors).

The blue shadows are becoming more obvious now. You can definitely see it on the benches and on the ground and the table and the shadows on the columns. I took a second picture to compare with the first.LObv 11.11b

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