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2017-2018 Immersive Technology Wrap-Up

Summary of Academic Year Efforts

At the close of the 2016-2017 academic year, we recognized that in order to grow the Immersive Technology Initiative and impact more faculty and students, we needed a permanent space for our equipment and workshops. Working in collaboration with the A&S Dean’s office, the Library, and Information Services, we finally got our space on Gottwald Science Center’s third floor halfway through the spring 2018 semester. Since then, we’ve hosted weekly open houses for students and faculty and I’ve held 3 in-class workshops (see below). Our community of interested faculty, staff, and students continues to grow and we are really looking forward to new projects and collaborations in the 2018-2019 academic year!

Looking forward to this summer and next academic year, we are actively researching new software and hardware and seeking new collaborations in an effort to best support the University of Richmond student experience. If you are interested in using VR/AR technologies in your classroom and research program, please reach out to me at

Courses Workshops

  • PSYCH 333 Cognitive Science Dr. Beth Crawford
  • FYS 101 The Search for the Self  Prof. Marcia Whitehead
  • FYS 101 The Neuroscience of Photography Dr. Andrew Bell
  • FYS 100 Games, Game Theory, and Leadership Studies Dr. Kristin Bezio (community activity)

Independent Student Research

  • Erin Bonilla Exploring Science Education through Google Daydream Advisor Scott Bray

VR Spaces

  • Gottwald Science Reading Room (HTC Vive Pro)
  • Gottwald Liaison Office (HTC Vive, as needed)
  • Mobile Immersive Set (HTC Vive, can be set up anywhere within < 1 hr)


  • Weekly Wednesday Open House in Gottwald Science Reading Room


  • 2x HTC Vive
  • 1x HTC Vive Pro
  • 20 Google Cardboard (Mattel Viewfinder version)
  • 1 Google Daydream
  • 1 Ricoh Theta 360 camera
  • 5 ARKit-enabled iPads