Mapping Topics and Ideas

Research Process Questions
– How do you decide what is the useful information while conducting literature review?
– How do you know what articles or books should you read closely and what do you skim?
– What should I do if I don’t like literature review?…
– What kind of question do you identify as the one that has sufficient supporting literature but worth researching?
– What small tasks can you break literature review – a huge and long and complicated task into?
Topics that interest me
– Humans. I am interested in human behaviors as well as relationships formed by human beings. That’s why I think Dr. Forsyth may be a good person for me to do research with.
– I am also interested in narratives. The way to frame a sentence and the way to deliver a message is important. As a speech consultant, I like to think about the meaning behind sentences. And a class I’ve always wanted to take is interpersonal communication in the RHCS department.
– Another different topic I think about very often is culture/ diversity/ identity. They are not the same thing but all related to my experience as a Chinese student here in America. I also have experience with immigrant students mainly from the Central America because of working with Dr. Kaufman and volunteering with ESL program at Huguenot High School.
– Within psychology field, developmental psychology is interesting. I had a class on older adults called “longevity and happiness”. I like to spend time with older adults and talk to them and learn about them in the senior living place.
– Emotions is another subtopic within psychology that interests me.