The Gap of Time Part III Reading Response

I figured out which blog post I missed. We were remote this day, so I didn’t submit one at the time, but I can relate content from this act of The Gap of Time to our discussion today of Get Out, and the overall theme of content we have studied this semester.

Firstly, down to the title, I feel that the ideas from this novel relate to society today, because America, for being as advanced compared to other countries as it is, seems to have a “gap in time” in terms of the social and political justice issues that have still not been worked out, even after decades of protest.

The overall symbolism of someone losing everything they have because of their own actions reminds me of white blindness in society, and how it is white people and the government they have allowed to manifest inequity even today between rich v. poor and Black v. white Americans. Additionally, the fact that Perdita’s father only is “regifted” with her after he completely transforms his way of thinking goes to show the change necessary in giving “all of America” the betterment it needs.

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