The Age of the Tudors

Shakespeare’s plays are dramatic, even the comedies have their fair share of whirl wind commotion. The events in the plays seem in today’s context borderline absurd and outside the realm of the reality. For example, in “Much Ado About Nothing” with the marriage scandal and cheating plot. Or, how about the Midsummer’s Nights Dream and the matching and remathcing of the couples. Lastly, the drama of Macbeth and the loophole of being able to be killed because is killer was not born of woman but C-section.  Absurd! Blasphemy! Soap Opera level Drama, for crying out loud! However, Shakespeare’s plays in context with his time period do not seem at all far fetched anymore. In fact they seem quite tame, especially compared to Henry (and the tale of too many wives). Podcast 6, explains the period that Shakespeare \was exposed to and how that ultimately shaped his writing.

The first overused quote of writing is: write what you know. Shakespeare took this advice and ran for the hills. Shakespeare experienced the Tudor age, it was an age where the crown was shifted between multiple owners almost as often as Henry  VIII  beheaded his wives. it was also a period of war – the war of the roses lasted for 34 years and it was something that people of Shakespeare’s time feared. All of these tragedies and events bled into his work and shaped alot of his major plays plots. It really beckons the question – Would Shakespeare be as great today or was he a product of his time?


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  1. I think this is a really interesting question because I hadn’t really put the two together, but it makes a lot of sense. While I think his lasting legacy proves that his stories and writing have endured through the ages, it is probably true that if he lived today he wouldn’t write the same stories as he did in the 16th and 17th centuries. I guess if you live in crazy times you get crazy stories!

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