Much Ado, 2012

I really enjoyed watching Much Ado (2012) adaptation of the play, mainly because I love the plot line of the original play. I thought it was interesting how they placed the movie in a more modern setting and pairing that with black and white and Shakespeare’s language, and direct quote. I thought staying mostly with Shakespeare’s intention was an interesting choice, especially with the changes they made, like Beatrice and Benedick having a pervious relationship. However, I wish they took a more modern take, rather than just the setting. I was really hoping Hero would have spoken more or at least have the ending switched and her not taking Claudio back. I thought because there was a modern setting it could have been possible to take a more modern angle on the play, and Hero standing up for herself and being independent would have a more powerful message.


  1. I also really enjoyed how Benedick and Beatrice were given the backstory of having at one point been in a relationship of some sort. It gave new dimension to the scene in which Beatrice says that Benedick had lent her his heart once.

  2. The backstory of Beatrice and Benedict made me super excited at first because I thought it was a sign that they would change more to the original, but eventually shared the same disappointment as you. I feel like there are ways they could have dove deeper into the characters without compromising the artistic direction they were heading in.

  3. I watched the trailer to the movie before watching it and was surprised by the choice of black and white. At first i thought it looked a little over the top and wasn’t sure if they would be able to pull it off. However, I love this adaptation and the choice to do black and white!

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