Knives Out!

I love a good murder mystery and Knives Out did not disappoint. Although it began somewhat typical with a murder to solve and many suspects with a motive, it took a very unexpected turn at the end. I remember being shocked after learning of Marta’s involvement and thinking, now the case is closed. But I should have known it was too early in the two hour movie for this to be the extent of the story.

Although deeply entertaining, this movie also brings to light some of the deep socioeconomic inequalities in our society. We watched the Thrombey family nearly self- destruct when they are told of the contents in Harlan’s will. The Thrombey’s viewed themselves greatly above the staff. Ransom even makes Fran call him Hugh. Additionally, the family talked about how Marta was treated so kindly but this was not true. Nobody could even name where Marta was from. Plus, the family tried to trick her, guilt her, and threaten her into giving back the inheritance. Overall, everyone in the family was pretty obnoxious and privileged.

I liked watching Marta develop during the movie and grow as a character. I thought the ending scene was perfect – Marta standing outside the beautiful Thrombey home and drinking from Harlan’s coffee mug which said “My house. My rules. My coffee.” I thought this little touch demonstrated her new confidence and power.


  1. I also grew so fed up with the way the Thrombey’s (excluding mainly Harlan) treated Marta. My anger rose when, as justification for why she should renounce the inheritance, the Thrombey’s pleaded that Marta was “LIKE family,” though it was clear that they never respected her. In the end, one could argue that she became more like family to Harlan than any of his actual children were to him by inheriting his fortune and house and company.

  2. I agree that Marta was more compassionate and family orientated than the rest of the Thrombey’s. Marta cared for Harlan and that was evident from the first five minutes of the film when Marta’s mom called “Harlan a good friend of Marta’s”. Marta was more than just an employee to Harlan, she was an equal and a confidant.

  3. I definitely agree with the way that Marta was characterized, but I’d even go a step further and argue how it was a very interesting choice to actually portray her as one of the suspects for a good portion of the movie, showing her strength of character and willingness to find the truth.

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