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This wasn’t my first time watching Get Out but it had been a while. Considering the events of this summer, I paid close attention to the interaction between Chris, Rose, and the police officer after they hit the deer. The police officer asked for Chris’s license and Rose started complaining saying he wasn’t even driving and how this was BS but Chris complied. Chris was so calm in this situation and I thought that if the roles were reversed and Chris was the one having an attitude, I doubt they would have been let off so easy.

In the video you posted in Slack, it said, “this movie was meant to call out the fact that racism is still simmering underneath that surface.” That sums up why I think movies that attack the themes of racism are so important. Too often we get caught up in our own lives that we forget about major issues in society. I found it very interesting that the director chose to not use the alternative ending. Thinking of our worlds current climate, I think the alternative ending would have been more powerful and wish he chose to use it — having it cut to six months later with Chris in prison, telling his friend to just give up. It made me thinking of my feelings after watching Blackkklansman and we discussed whether the real life images were more impactful at the beginning or at the end of the movie and I thought the end because it is the final thing we see and leaves the most lasting impression. I think that the ending of Get Out is good but I thought it made things too lighthearted. The alternative ending would bring us more to reality. The video said how this ending was created from a system that values the while people and takes their side.

I thought the movie was powerful in and of itself but watching that Youtube video put things even more in perspective.

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  1. I totally agree with you, Cassidy. I think the alternative ending was much more painful but much more realistic. But I think the fact that the director chose the ending he did was also indicative of where we are as a country. I think maybe he was trying to make the point that Americans–at the time the film came out–could not actually accept that reality and therefore, he had to create some kind of happy ending for them.

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