Get Out

As my first time watching this movie, I totally understand how widely popular it is. I think the best part of the movie is the slow descent into horror. With the opening scene of Lakeith Stanfield being kidnapped excluded, the better half of the first part of the movie focuses primarily on the subtle racism that Chris experiences. Starting with the first cop scene and moving through the genetic makeup/MMA remark, I felt myself being entirely on edge and that a traditional jumpscare was looming. This is, in my eyes, one of the main points of the movie; that the true horrors committed in this movie derive initially from the subtle racism perpetrated by everyone in the family. I think that this is exactly what Peele was trying to display, that the audience intrinsically feels like Stanfield walking down that street at night; unaware if they are in imminent danger due to the smallest of actions.

After all the bloodshed and as Chris is escaping from the house, another crucial scene in my eyes was Rod pulling up in a cop car. As I saw the lights coming my initial reaction was “oh shit here we go,” as I truly thought that after making it through all of this horror, Chris would be gunned down by a white police officer. One could even see the relief in Rose’s eyes as she instantly begins playing the victim as if she knows the exact same thing. Though it would have been interesting to see this ending play out- in a Black KKKlansman sort of way, I think the sentiment is just the same. Until Rod steps out of the car, the audience is truly unsure if Chris will make it out alive. And I’m positive that if a cop had shown up in Rod’s place, the movie would have ended in an entirely realistic and relevant way.

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