Get Out

Pardon my language, but this movie scared the shit out of me. I’ve never felt more unsettled watching something before. I had never seen Get Out before, but I had heard it’s scary and makes you super uncomfortable. In the first five minutes, things felt pretty normal, but you couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off, and that feeling kept getting stronger throughout the entire movie – I was yelling at the TV for Chris to run! I thought that overall, the movie was super well done, and the suspense was building throughout the entire movie, which made it hard to look away. I especially liked the humor at the end, when Rod ended the movie by saying that because he had his TSA detective skills, he could, “consider this fuckin’ handled”. I definitely needed something to make me laugh after that, but didn’t overshadow the dark nature of the movie itself.

I watched this movie with my grandfather, and he said that this movie reminded him of an old movie called The Stepford Wives. The story had the same premise, but it focused on turning women into the ideal “Southern woman”, like a doll. Get Out tackles the same issue but focuses on race-based issues, rather than gender (and adds in the whole hypnosis/medical experimentation thing which I thought was so creepy). I think Jordan Peele does a really good job of highlighting the struggles of a black man in America not centered around something like a big national event or movement, but small scale interactions on a daily basis. It didn’t call out specific racist ideals and values like the klan members in Black KkKlansman, but instead focuses on micro-aggressions that are just as harmful, especially when white people believe that they aren’t racist and they aren’t complicit in the issues facing America.

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