Get Out

This must be my 100th time watching Get Out and every time I see it, I love it more. I think Jordan Peele does an amazing job of showing the experience of black Americans in a bit of an exaggerated horror/thriller movie setting. However, I do not think that it is too exaggerated. I could tell countless personal or societal anecdotes of fetishization or obsession with black Americans and features such as hair, skin tone, physique, etc. All of the things that viewers are horrified to see because it happens in the setting of a horror movie are daily experiences of black Americans.

For example, look at the auction scene, when Chris’s body is being auctioned off. It’s not that different than the NFL and NBA where hundreds of black men are yearly tested about how high they jump, how much weight they can lift, and how fast they can run, for a white man to pick them to play for their team so they can make billions of dollars and give them a percentage. The “distant” horror that Peele portrays in his movie is not that distant at all.


  1. The comparison you make between the themes seen in Get Out to the realities of the NFL and NBA are things that I have often thought about as well and what makes me feel discomfort when it comes to the world of professional athletes. I really appreciate the points you bring up about this movie and the deep impact it has on highlighting the experiences of black Americans.

  2. I love this comment. In my opinion, the best part of different concepts throughout the movie is that it isn’t far off from the racism that is so prevalent today. I agree its exaggerated, but what makes the thriller so captivating is how easy it is to draw connections to today, similar to your point about professional sports. For audience members of color, especially Black people, its a version of their reality, for audience members that cannot relate, it challenges them to consider their own perspectives of race.

  3. Everything Peele did in this movie was intentional, and everything can be interpreted in multiple ways. While the auction scene is obviously reminiscent of a slave auction, but your point about the NFL and NBA combine and draft speaks to how we never escape our history. All of these power structures that are a result of our history still impact our lives today.

  4. I love how you point out that while the details of this movie may seem extreme, they (unfortunately) in many ways are pretty accurate. The horror aspect is a crucial part to the success of this film.

  5. Great point, Omar. It is the reality of the extreme nature this racism that is the real “horror” of this film. You recognize, as an audience member, that there are aspects of the film that you may have seen in your personal life and that is the most frightening part about it! Also I also really appreciated the juxtaposition that is set up between loving and hating black people and black bodies. So, so telling.

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