Get Out

I’ve seen Get Out a few different times, and each time I notice another piece of symbolism within the movie. Jordan Peele did an amazing job of making the characters so close to real life that it feels like it is taking place in our current world. He masterfully highlights white people’s favorite microaggressions to use, where I want to cringe every time a white person opens their mouth.

Everytime I watch the movie I kind of forget how the movie ends, so when the cop car shows up I have to remind myself that it is his friend coming to save him. When I watched the alternative ending, I felt that it better captured the times that we are currently living in. Peele said that he wrote that ending during the Obama Presidency when people felt that they were living in a post-racial world. I feel that there are many people that want to believe that the Biden Presidency will bring about a similar mindset, and I would rather that white people watch this ending to jolt them out of that mental fog. After the re-popularisation of the BLM movement this summer, I think many people have felt complacent in their activism, and watching the alternative ending forces the viewer to confront the reality that racism is inherent in every system, rather than just in the individual agents.


  1. This was my first time watching Get Out, so when the car pulled up at the end I immediately held my breath. I assumed it was the police officer from the beginning and that they would either arrest or kill -a tragic, yet not completely unrealistic outcome- Chris. I agree with Peele’s ultimate decision to soften the ending; however, I think audiences can still benefit from watching the alternative one. It’s more grim but would continue to force people to face the realities of being Black in America.

  2. This was also my first time watching the movie and at the end, I was so nervous. However, even after Chris drove off with Rob I was left with the thought of what next? How would these events be explained and what other consequences might Chris face? I was almost worried but also relieved that it was Rob who found him and not other cops.

  3. Yes, I thought the alternative ending was so necessary and important to watch! Normally, in films like this, we expect that the end will bring some kind of “peace”, or that the “hero”/protagonist will be the victor. This alternative ending rather forces us to come to terms with our current social and historical view of black people as those who, even after fighting off all of the “bad guys”, still end up looking like ones themselves.

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