Get Out

Watching Get Out for the second time made me pick up on a lot more especially since I was watching the movie this time to analyze it. The first takeaway I had was just the mask of white tolerance, with all its microagressions and gaslighting, but when you dig deeper Peele portrays white society as a conscious facilitator of racism and the dehumanization of black people. Chris had to stay alert to this racism in order to survive, which I believe was the real horror of this movie (aside from the experiments and mind control); black americans surviving in the face of whiteness. I think this is what made this movie distinguish itself from other films that tackle racism in america in the sense that Peele doesn’t focus on a certain event, policy, or era to portray how racism effects black americans, but instead Peele recreates our current racialized society in which black people must navigate on the daily. Additionally, I noticed how the inclusion of medical experiments was not a mistake or a random choice; it speaks to the eugenics movement in america. There was a lot more to unpack in this movie such as the construction of violence and the dangers of white feminism but these are just some of the takeaways I got from this insanely thought-provoking movie.


  1. Your last point about the reference to medical experiments conducted on African-Americans speaks to the extreme depth of this movie. Like you said, Peele doesn’t center the movie around one particular event in America’s history, but instead incorporates as much of America’s fraught racial history as he can to demonstrate how our history stays with us everyday.

  2. I had not considered the medical connection to eugenics from this film. Now that you bring it up it makes sense. The number of blatant comments the white people were making at Chris about his genes or build made me sick. I wonder how Peele developed this plot to include medicine.

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