When watching BlacKkKlansman, admittedly, I had to pause halfway through to take a break and continue watching a bit later on. The intense racism depicted in the film, especially in the KKK meetings, was pretty sickening. This is history that is crucial to learn about, though it is hard. It is crazy to me that this is how extreme white supremacists think and behave, as this was my first time watching any movie that provides a depiction of the KKK. They truly believe that America, at its core, is white, and that is the only way for the country to succeed. However, America was not even originally white, it was stolen land! I was particularly disturbed by the scene where Topher Grace’s character chants “white power” after the KKK initiation and all of the black servers just stand in the back and witness it all. It was honestly unreal to watch. 

That being said, the fact that I was so sickened by the behavior in the film just shows how incredible this movie, and the acting, really is. It does an amazing job telling the story and leaving it up to the viewers to see the many problems with white supremacy – it is almost laughable to watch the members of the KKK act like the victims of a black revolution, when all the black people are asking for is equal rights. There are so many elements of suspense in this film that it kept me on my toes the entire time, especially in the scenes where Flip slipped up in his character and the KKK members almost caught on to him and Ron’s plan. I was also enraged when watching the scene when Connie plants the bomb and Ron tackles her to stop her, and he is immediately assumed to be attacking her and is taken and beaten by white cops. The entire scene is utterly insane, complete with a white cop saying “the black guy’s a cop!?” when Flip runs up to stop them. I won’t summarize the entire plot of the movie because I know you all watched, but each scene seemed to leave me more and more shook. It was a must-watch. 

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  1. This movie made me genuinely upset, and I did have to pause for a minute to reflect and process what I was watching. I found myself genuinely angry at the characters (who do a phenomenal acting job because I was getting really upset) who used such horrible and offensive language throughout the movie. I agree that it’s definitely a must watch, and highlights how much work still needs to be done.

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