“The BlacKkKlansman” has been and will always be one of my favorite films. Not only does it have an excellent screenplay, acting preformances, and directing, but the message throughout the film is strong and nailed into the viewer when paired with the video clips from Charlottesville. This is my fifth or sixth time watching this film and it was interesting to view it just after seeing “Malcolm X”. Both of these films are very telling of Spike Lee as a director and emphasize their own social justice initiatives. Although “BlacKkKlansman” took place in the 70’s the message of institutionalized racism still persists today. Lee does this by including footage from the Charlottesville Riots in 2017 in which white supremacists as well as klan members gathered in a public display of their beliefs . . . in 2017.

In my education class, we are currently discussing how American history is taught in schools. Traditionally, American history texts are written by white men and are rarely updated. They focus on main topics such as the Civil War, The Declaration of Independence, and skim over the Civil Rights era. After reflecting on these two films I think that it is crucial that as a nation that we work to revise how we teach the history of the United States. I believe that history should represent multiple perspectives and must evolve over time, this cannot be done through a textbook. Films like these help to educate the public and correct the history they may have been taught in school. I believe It is important that we continue to refine how history is taught and watch films like these in class as well as on our own time.

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  1. This was my first time watching and I feel really moved by the film. I thought it was very entertaining and also very disturbing. I think you are spot on in regards to this issues still on display today… Charlottesville was 2017. I took the Education and Equity elective and it opened my eyes to the importance of revising how we teach history. I think movies like this are a great way to educate one another on things that may not have been covered in our history classes.

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