9/20 Response- 2012 Vers.

I think that this film specifically depicted a true adaptation with little change. While certain obvious parts of the play changed, much of the play- especially the plot-line and dialogue- remained the same. However, set in a modern setting, the original plot-line and dialogue transform to truly depict Shakespeare’s perspective and views in a contemporary environment. This change-in-scenerary really raises the questions of how an artist can change and correspond to newer timeperiods, or if some aspects of his work should remain in the past.


Given our recent discussions surrounding our adaptation to Much Ado About Nothing, it is apparent that we are going to revise and change portions of the setting, dialogue, and even plot. In my opinion, this 2012 adaptation provides an example of an adaptation with ultimately little artistical difference than Shakespeare’s original work. While I found it enjoyable at points and overall a solid adaptation, I think that it is a great idea that we are embracing changes and revisions to our adaption.


  1. I think it was interesting how the change in medium throughout all of these adaptations completely changed the viewer experience (i.e., recording of live theatre, film with changes, film with little changes). I agree watching the 2012 version made me more excited for us to make a stronger adaptation and move away from strictly following the original plot, characters, scripts, etc.

  2. I think this is a great point. When I was watching, I found myself wanting them to commit more to the modern adaptation by actually making more changes. Instead, they largely stuck to the original plot, just in a modern setting.

  3. Yes! I loved how changing the time period itself provided much of the adaptation work. The text seemed funnier and other moments seemed to stand out more when scenes were in this format and time we are so accustomed to.

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